Board and Management

The DigitalX Management team brings together expertise and experience from a range of technology entrepreneurship and financial markets backgrounds, including digital marketing, software and application development, commodities and currencies trading. Collectively, their diverse skill sets form a core competitive advantage of the business and their know-how in the industry optimally positions the Company to take advantage of an ever-growing digital payments and remittance market.

CEO, Executive Director

Mr. Travers is a financial and technology market professional with a strong network in Australia and the United States. As the Australian-based CEO and Executive Director of DigitalX his role is highlighted by developing strategic partnerships for the Company’s market leading payment products. He is the Vice Chairman of Australia’s leading industry body for the Blockchain industry, the ADCA and has a Bachelor of Commerce and Communication from UWA and a Fintech Certification from MIT.

Chief Operating Officer

Fabricio Rodriguez holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. After graduation, he started one of the first full service web development firms and worked with many Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. As CTO of Online Environs, Inc., (OEI) Fabricio was responsible for leading the technology team to build websites and applications for such companies as EMC, Compaq Computer, The New England Patriots, Intel, Nickelodeon, and Paper Exchange.

Working with The New England Patriots for over five years, Fabricio lead the development of many firsts within the NFL, including the first website, the first e-commerce store, first streaming video and live chats with players. OEI was sold to a Chicago based conglomerate in 2000.

After OEI, Mr. Rodriguez consulted for a few years, and starting in 2006 worked in the premium mobile space. In just a few short years, he grew his accounts to multi-million dollar enterprises. As of 2012, Mr. Rodriguez worked with Karis Marketing Group (KMG) developing home grown premium mobile campaigns.


Leads US-based operations for DigitalX and coordinates the tech, compliance, finance and marketing teams. After completing his bachelor’s in Economics and Anthropology at Columbia University, Neel worked as a researcher on capital markets and financial intermediation at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Research Group, working to support research initiatives for the Markets desk and on the weekly briefing process for Bank president Tim Geithner. Neel’s research at the Fed covered financial market micro-structure and systemic risk. Neel moved on to working as a software developer for hedge funds, developing risk analytics platforms and algorithmic trading solutions, leading to experience leading a small commodities and equities trading fund. Neel joined DigitalX providing technical development and trading analytics for the company’s former bitcoin trading operation, and has been heavily involved in the building of AirPocket and the company’s other product initiatives. Neel also holds a masters degree in political science from MIT, and brings broad experience in social and economic analysis, software development, and finance to his role at DigitalX.

Non-Executive Director

Toby Hicks holds a Bachelor of Business (Management) and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Notre Dame Australia, which included study at the University of Notre Dame (South Bend, IN). He is also a Chartered Secretary.

Mr. Hicks is now a Partner of corporate law firm, Steinepreis Paganin with 14 years’ experience acting in the areas of governance, equity capital raisings, mergers and acquisitions and corporate compliance. He acts for a number of ASX listed companies, including technology companies. In addition, Mr. Hicks is a Governor of the University of Notre Dame Australia and is a member of the University’s Finance, Audit and Risk Committee and Law School Advisory Board.

Non-Executive Director

Mr Khan is a recognized global expert on remittance, banking, payments & FinTech and owner of Faisal Khan & Company, a leading payments consultancy to Fortune 100 companies across the banking, fintech and money transfer sectors. The firm provides advisory services in areas like architecting cross-border payment networks, products and solutions, product/idea validation and cross-border transactions in P2P, B2C and B2B.

Mr. Khan has appeared as a speaker at various international payments events and advises the Digital Finance Institute in Toronto, a think tank created to address prospective issues around the nexus between financial innovation, digital finance policy and regulation, financial inclusion and women in financial technology. Mr Khan also co-hosts the Around The Coin Podcast, a weekly hour-long podcast geared towards the payments, banking and money space.